Gambling Abuse Is Dangerous

Unfortunately, even from these lines, it was necessary to report how much the abuse of gambling in legal online casinos aams can lead normal individuals to suffer a sort of compulsive gambling that leads them to “behave badly”, as they are involved in this form of addiction. resulting from the lack of correct approach to the world of gambling. This abuse, or this addiction, can lead to indiscriminate gambling: to stake money, property or even to resort to the so-called “usurers” who, obviously, take advantage of the situation and apply science fiction interests that “bring the players to their knees”. more of the same game.

Having said this, it is necessary to report an arrest for attempted extortion and usury, with a rate of 700%, to the detriment of a problematic gambler: arrest carried out by the Pavia Mobile Squad. And these are the facts: arrest in fragrance of crime of a twenty-year-old responsible, as mentioned, of attempted extortion and usury, according to what emerged from the investigations of the Police. It all started with an initial loan of a rather small sum from the arrested person, which the victim regularly repaid, in a month, with interest in excess of 700% of the principal.

The victim later refused to consent to further requests for money and was consequently threatened by text message: after yet another threatening reminder from the 20-year-old and after a stalking the State Police personnel proceeded to arrest. The moral of these lines is, of course, only one: you should approach the game to have fun and you should get only fun, nothing else. An incorrect approach can lead to “trouble” and despair: for this reason we keep repeating that we need “culture of the game” and maximum responsibility if we do not really want to “meet somewhat uncomfortable characters”.

On the sidelines of this “story”, however, we also want to refer to another restrictive order issued to Galliate and relating to the operating hours of entertainment equipment. The Mayor has signed an ordinance where it will be absolutely forbidden to use slot machines from 7 to 10 every morning in gaming rooms, betting rooms, public and commercial establishments and in all public places where these are present. gaming apparatus.

In the ordinance, as is obvious, the sanction for non-compliance with the rule is inserted, which varies from 500.00 euros to 1,500.00 euros for each appliance and it is specified that said appliances, in the hours of suspension of their operation, must be turned off using their own switch and be kept inaccessible: the shops must display a sign outside the room indicating the opening hours and operating hours. In the premises there must be an additional and specific sign containing the forms of warning about the risk of addiction to playing games.

“We like” to continue to report both negative episodes concerning gambling abuse because citizens must absolutely realize what they encounter if they are not prepared, and also how much “harassment” the game must suffer from the administrations of the various cities. We try to be objective and report “everything”, but with certain and controlled data and not to act like certain print, paper or online, which tends to misrepresent the news “pro bono sua”. Those who love gambling must stay at the center and try to be as objective as possible: too many have passed on gambling and the “unaware” citizens of erroneous or biased or only moralistic news.

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